May 042020

Recap (part 1)

1/16-1/18 sized monster truck/truggy/buggy to be run on easy off-road-terrain (gravel/grass) that has spare parts available (fast) and budget is about 250€ – which should contain also essential upgrades.


Ebay/Amazon is off-limits, at this point it takes way too long – this needs to happen “now”. Current situation with flights is a bit dire and I don’t want to wait for months (at worst) for my package – so a store from somewhere inside this country.

Did quite thorough search and found out multiple stores all around and when started going through it with more thought – the list started shrinking quite fast. Requirement for a working supply of spare parts seemed to be a key thing, surprisingly tight budget following it.

Eventually there were three store candidates left, all filling the required boxes on my shortlist – with couple last-minute extra ones: “Availability” & “Ready to Run”.


Going through different cars I finally ended up eyeing “Maverick ION XT” the most. It ticked all my boxes, looked nice and the manufacturer is described as “Beginner friendly RC-cars from side to side”.

After checking spare parts availability and deeming it suitable (parts available from multiple places and ~everything on the shelf, a bit premium prices though), I decided to throw in a surprise – since this selection left so much headroom on my budget, I decided to buy the second one from my list also – Wltoys A979-A Truck – to have a nice comparison, even though on the risk of going over budget when figuring out “essential upgrades”.

Maverick ION XT

Chassis: Truggy
Battery: 7.2v 1200mAh NiMH
Speed: ?
Driving time: ?
Charging time: ?
Charger: NiMH charger
Engine: MM-28 370 (Brushed)

Wltoys A979-A Truck

Chassis: Monster Truck
Battery: 6.4v 750mAh
Speed: 35 km/h
Driving time: 10 min
Charging time: about 180 minutes
Charger: USB balance charger
Engine: Brushed 390


Order was placed 09:50 in the monday morning and the cars were ready to be picked up from the postal office on the next day at 15:00, so extremely fast delivery – just like I hoped for.

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