May 032020

What to do when you have a too much time and a need to get your thoughts somewhere else, especially during these Covid-19 times.
Well, usually solution is to get a new hobby.

I visited relatives some time ago and helped their kid to fix a RC-car back into use (how to charge battery, connect it the right way, cleanup after use etc. the normal maintenance), and thought maybe I should get one also.

Que in some preliminary analysis, what are the size categories are nowadays, battery types, pricing range…and set some starting parameters.


Something small that can be (technically) driven also inside the house, but big enough being able to enjoy driving outside. Smaller ones feel like hand-held-devices and larger ones rack up the cost quite fast.

Parameter: ~1/18 – 1/16


Rally car? On road vehicle? Buggy? Truggy? Monster truck? Rock crawler?
After poking around I found out that usually differences between (same sized/model series) cars are the tires and body chassis – and sometimes suspension parts.

Decided that purely “on-road” is a bit too limited, off-road can be usually used on pavement also, and driving around in short grass/gravel would be the main platform. Then it’s just a matter of taste, which chassis looks nice.

Parameter: Buggy/Truggy/Monster Truck

Method of propulsion

FWD? Maybe for an on-road car.
RWD? Blasting donuts all day, that would be nice.
4WD? Getting around in a bit softer environment also.
AWD? …maybe not 6×6/8×8/etc. devices this time.

Parameter: 4WD

Battery type

This is more like “about anything goes, as it can (and probably will) be upgraded later, one way or another”. Something that doesn’t immediately break if forgotten connected/to a storage for a while would also be nice.

Parameter: NiMH/LiPo(preferred)


It’s going to get broken anyway, so easy access to spare parts is required.

Parameter: Serviceability is important


Something better than cheapo-supermarket-toys usually cost money, and earmark something also to essential upgrades (f.ex better battery).

Parameter: 250€ budget (car+upgrades)

Part 2

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