Mar 132012

After quick hack-n-slash, it works. It works also on 3.0, if you want 3.1/3.2/3.3 – modify it yourself or wait until i need it 🙂

Needs quite non-intrusive modification to three files:

  • rr268x-linux-src-v1.6-legacy_single/osm/linux/osm_linux.h
    — fix autoconf
  • rr268x-linux-src-v1.6-legacy_single/osm/linux/os_linux.c
    — in 2.6.36 blkdev_get requires two parameters, in 2.6.37 three
  • rr268x-linux-src-v1.6-legacy_single/inc/linux/Makefile.def
    — mask 3.0 as 2.6, can be used to mask 3.1/3.2/3.3 also, and could probably be a lot prettier


Patchfile can be found here: < not recommended, get official fixed version from highpoint (unless you are absolutely sure you want to run v1.4 or v1.6).

* Update 05/2012 *  v1.6 patchfile found in /staging which is modified to mask all 3.x as 2.6

* Update 07/2012 * Just get v1.8 driver which is properly fixed by Highpoint:

* Update 01/2013 * There seems to be v1.9 driver released, with following info in README:
NOTE: The latest tested kernel version: 3.5.2.
v1.9.12.0817 08/17/2012
* Fixed a potential bug about fail to recover array.