May 052020

Recap (part 2)

Figure out a store that has availability for the car and parts and find out a car that is what is wanted. Found three candidate stores, found the car I wanted, but bought two.

First impressions

Yay, like christmas, boxes full of goodies. Batteries went straight to the chargers and confirming they were full, everything was ready and backyard called.

ION was the first one to take the stage – 4WD worked well, had enough juice to drift and handled beautifully – except steering trim needed to be maxed out on one side to go straight. After going around for about 10 minutes it was time to change the car, parked ION and switched it off.

A979-A was something different, it went through places ION struggled a bit, felt more “off-roady”, but on a harder surface it wasn’t as stable. And suddenly it just stopped, with runtime barely over 5 minutes.

First disappointments

After switching the car off and on again, it ran for a short while and died again – battery was empty. Not quite surprising for such a small battery, but…I was expecting more.

First upgrades

Quite easy start, and already knew my budget was not going to hold.
– More intelligent charger, those that came with the cars were…adequate.
– Spare batteries (Maverick 1200mAh & Wltoys 1100mAh)
– Required adapters to get the batteries charged

Order placed on Tuesday evening at 23:00.

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