May 112020

Recap (part 5)

Converted ION temporarily to RWD and debugged A979-A LiPo -compatibility and original LiFe-battery-setup.

Daily disappointment

Monday – decided to go for a spin on a nearby lot with tarmac and gravel. Drove ION there, doing donuts, having fun, and on the edge of the lot it suddenly started just making a bad noise and stopped running. Back differential was not working and I had no tools with me to debug further.

Oh well, que in A979-A, switch it o..oh, it was already on, great, dead battery.

ION debug

After taking the car apart, I found out that differential was fine, it just had a piece of diff cup in it that had broken out. Easy fix, just disassemble it, pick out extra pieces, reassemble and ready to go – since now i had two broken diff cups and two that were still ok -> car was rebuilt in RWD-configuration.

Bigger problem was that driveshaft was also in two pieces. And a pinion gear in the motor was touching only 50% of spur gear attached to the drive shaft, so they were/will be broken soon.

Quick message and the pieces were added to the package. So “replacement battery” has become so far “replacement battery and a lot of spare parts, and another LiPo-upgrade to A979”. Made sure there’s also dogbones for A979-A – though those are made of metal and probably wont break so easily.

Repair backlog

Broken parts so far in Maverick ION XT:
1x driveshaft
2x diff cup
1x dogbone
1x pinion gear (or soon will be)
1x spur gear (or soon will be)

Broken parts so far in Wltoys A979-A:
1x Monster trucky bodyshell (cosmetic problem, scratches since this rolls quite easily over while driving on tarmac – and does flips)

Part 5 <-> Part 7

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