Jul 292015

Just a quick CPU benchmark with Phoronix test suite, comparing -cpu qemu64 and -cpu host (on Xeon E3-1241v3, 4vCPU/4GB virtuals).

Note: single run (fire & forget), virtual machines on the same physical hardware and benchmarks run simultaneously. YMMV.

Benchmark qemu64 host Higher/Lower better?
pts/stream-1.2.0 [Type: Copy] 14166.98 MB/s 14171.50 MB/s Higher
pts/stream-1.2.0 [Type: Scale] 13964.65 MB/s 14007.75 MB/s Higher
pts/stream-1.2.0 [Type: Triad] 15755.66 MB/s 15851.89 MB/s Higher
pts/stream-1.2.0 [Type: Add] 15730.77 MB/s 15863.64 MB/s Higher
pts/apache-1.6.1 25028.87 Requests Per Second 35859.45 Requests Per Second Higher
pts/john-the-ripper-1.5.1 [Traditional DES] 5849000 Real C/S 7179500 Real C/S Higher
pts/john-the-ripper-1.5.1 [Blowfish] 3170 Real C/S 3249 Real C/S Higher
pts/ttsiod-renderer-1.5.0 102.00 FPS 93.75 FPS Higher
pts/x264-1.9.0 86.56 FPS 94.52 FPS Higher
pts/graphics-magick-1.6.1 [HWB Color Space] 173 Iterations Per Minute 170 Iterations Per Minute Higher
pts/graphics-magick-1.6.1 [Local Adaptive Thresholding] 92 Iterations Per Minute 88 Iterations Per Minute Higher
pts/graphics-magick-1.6.1 [Sharpen] 95 Iterations Per Minute 102 Iterations Per Minute Higher
pts/graphics-magick-1.6.1 [Resizing] 159 Iterations Per Minute 156 Iterations Per Minute Higher
pts/himeno-1.1.0 1722.79 MFLOPS 1840.71 MFLOPS Higher
pts/compress-7zip-1.6.0 10173 MIPS 10291 MIPS Higher
pts/c-ray-1.1.0 44.54 Seconds 39.76 Seconds Higher
pts/compress-pbzip2-1.4.0 11.99 Seconds 13.95 Seconds Lower
pts/smallpt-1.0.1 153 Seconds 153 Seconds Lower
pts/crafty-1.3.0 71.60 Seconds 71.48 Seconds Lower
pts/encode-flac-1.5.0 7.38 Seconds 6.12 Seconds Lower
pts/encode-mp3-1.4.0 11.71 Seconds 11.21 Seconds Lower
pts/ffmpeg-2.4.0 18.99 Seconds 14.37 Seconds Lower
pts/povray-1.1.2 310.35 Seconds 248.59 Seconds Lower
pts/tachyon-1.1.1 26.57 Seconds 17.10 Seconds Lower
pts/openssl-1.9.0 286.50 Signs Per Second 543.67 Signs Per Second Lower
pts/mafft-1.4.0 7.40 Seconds 7.24 Seconds Lower
pts/gcrypt-1.0.3 1793 Microseconds 1647 Microseconds Lower

No wonder why UpCloud changed their parameters, -host usually wins…

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